Sunday, January 11, 2009

January '09 Meeting

Hello everyone,

We had a wonderful turnout at this meeting. We had thirteen people come this time. :) I had such a great time with everyone. We had the meeting the Sanders Library in Sherwood. They were really nice to us and would like us to come back soon. I am going to try to use them again in the future for another meeting or two. Their meeting room was a great size. We had plenty of room to spread out and visit with each other.

We had several new people come to the meeting this time. I finally got to meet Barbara from I'm so glad she was finally able to make it to one of the meetings. I think she has been trying to come for a year now. She brought her teenage son with her. I'm not to sure if he liked it or not. I hope he wasn't to bored at the meeting. :) We also had Rhonda from the knit and crochet class I had at the Nixon Library. And she was able to bring her mom. We also had Leah bring her mom to the meeting too. I just love it when people are able to get their friends or family to come to the meetings. Our other new person to the meeting was Barbara from It was really great getting to meet everyone. :) I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did at the meeting.

Here are some photos we took at the meeting:

I'm going to try and get the meeting room at the Cox Creative Building for our next meeting. I'll call or email them tomorrow. The meeting will be on February 7th though. I'll post the other info as soon as I get the location down.

Well, that's all I've got for this one.



Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting some more new folks. It was fun working around a table and visiting!

Anonymous said...

I still read and look at your blog!

Great photos. I especially liked the group photo, and the one of you and Judy. Also noticed you were working on Wayne's hat in on of the photos.
I showed the photo to Wayne.

Keep on stitching!


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna~!!