Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April ‘10 meeting



I have to tell you about what we found when we got to the library on Saturday.  A puppy! :)  Someone had left a small puppy in a box at the Sanders Library front door.  I told the girl that worked there (who was watching the puppy) that we were having our Yarn Dolls meeting that day.  I also told her that I was sure someone from the meeting would want the puppy because we had a lot of pet lovers in our group.  Sure enough, Loretta decided to take it home. :)


Here’s the photos from the meeting.  Enjoy!!!!




















I’m holding a head of a robot that I’m making right now in the last picture.  It looks a little strange since I haven’t done his body yet. :)


Our next meeting will be May 8th at the Cox Creative Center third floor meeting room in Little Rock from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Cox Creative Center is across the parking lot from the Main Library in Little Rock. Their address and phone number is: 120 Commerce Street, Little Rock, AR 72201 and 918-3093 (this is the number for the River Market Book store which is located inside the Cox Creative Center).


Hope to see you there!