Sunday, November 4, 2007

3rd Yarn Dolls Meeting

We had another fun meeting on Saturday. We all brought projects to work on. Judy had some baby blankets she's been working on and Nancy was working on a beautiful red poncho. I tried to figure out my new oblong Knifty Knitter loom. It's not as easy to figure out as the round loom. Nancy brought her friend Sherry with her this time. Sherry was working on a pot holder. We all had a great time. It always seems like the time flies by. Oh, yah. Sherry was the one who won the door prize. It was a Crochet a day pattern desk calendar. Here's the pictures we took:

We are going to have our next meeting at Nancy's house. She will email everyone the directions and a map. We decided we will have a holiday swap. It can have something to do with crochet or not. You could even make something if you like. It's up to you what you bring. If you don't want to participate just don't bring a gift to the next meeting. That's o.k. too. Still bring a project with you to the next meeting. We always love seeing what everyone is working on. We didn't talk about a price limit on the gift. I'll email everyone to find out what works for everyone.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

See you at the next meeting!