Sunday, July 18, 2010

July ‘10 meeting

I have lots of great photos to share with you this time. Enjoy!  :)




























And here’s the cup cake purse I was making for my friend Cindy. I wasn’t able to bring it to the meeting since her birthday was on July 8th.








Our next meeting will be August 14th from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. at the Cox Creative Center 3rd floor meeting room. The Cox Creative Center is across the parking lot from the Main Library in Little Rock. Their address and phone number are: 120 Commerce Street, Little Rock, AR 72201 and 918-3093 (this is the number for the River Market Book store which is located inside the Cox Creative Center).


Hope to see you there!




Angela :o) said...

Dear Yarn Dolls,
I was just told by my husband that we're being sent to Little Rock AFB in a few months.

We're in a microsmall base in Northern Italy right now. So although I'm excited to come back Home (Italy is fantastic to vacation in...Quite frustrating to live in) I'm nervous about going to a part of the country I know nothing about.

How far is the base from your group? Tell me all the wonderful things about Little Rock. My heart's in the Pacific Northwest...and I have no idea what Arkansas is like. Please help.

Love, Angela

Opal said...

The base is in the city of Jacksonville. We meet a lot at the Jacksonville Library. Little Rock is about 15 mins. away from the base. I know it's strange that they named the base Little Rock Air Force Base and it's not in Little Rock. :) Not sure why they did that. Anyway, I hope you will like it here.

If you would like to talk to more people from this area you should get on Our group is on this site and it's a great site to find people who live near where you are moving.

Please join our group on ravelry. That way you can find out when we meet and where we meet. If you contact me there I can put you on our email contact list. I really hope you will be able to meet with us. We always have a great time. If you can't do that just check out this blog every month to find out where and when we are meeting next. We would love to have you. :)