Saturday, June 14, 2008

June '08 Meeting

Hey everyone,

Can you believe it? I'm not late posting this time. :) I'm so proud of myself. I even took pictures of everyone working on their projects this time!

Where to start ... oh, that's not hard. Lets start with Judy. Boy, does she know how to make life interesting. The poor girl just missed pulling into the driveway. Here let me show you a picture of it. You know what they say about pictures! :)

She got it out after we called a tow truck. We did have a couple of nice people stop and try to help though. After that excitement things settled down. We ate pizza, salad and cookies. Thank you Gwyn for bringing the cookies! I hope we didn't scare you off. We are a loud bunch of people and we love to talk. :) Here are the pictures I took of everyone with their projects.

This is Gwyn with her Stole:

Here's Jennifer with her bag:

Judy with her baby blanket? (she wasn't sure what it was)

Leah with her baby blanket:

Marla with her Dr. Who Scarf:

Nancy with her cute little elephant:

Sherry with her uh, well, I'm not sure what it is:

These are some tiny doughnuts that Nancy made for Judy:

And here's the group photo for this time:

We had eight people at the meeting this time. That's just great! I love it when so many people come. It's so much fun visiting with everyone.

We are planning on having the July meeting at Leah's house for a pool party/potluck. If for some reason we don't have the meeting at Leah's house. Nancy said we can have it at her house and we'll still do the potluck. So, start thinking of what food you want to bring.

See you next time,


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Anonymous said...

Good job toots. Had a great time, Nancy